Cees van Beers is professor of Innovation Management and Head of the section Economics of Technology and Innovations. He is also one of the co-leaders of the Leiden Delft Erasmus (LDE) Centre for Frugal Innovations in Africa.

He holds a doctorate in economics (Ph.D) from the Free University Amsterdam. He worked at the University of Leiden, the Institute for Research on Public Expenditure in the Hague and as associate professor on innovation economics at Delft University of Technology.

research interest

Determinants of responsible innovations and entrepreneurship.
Inclusive business models for frugal innovations and their role in achieving economic development in developing countries, especially Africa.
Impact of government policy failures' on environmental damage and sustainable technology development.

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Professor of Innovation Management and Head of the section Economics of Technology and Innovations, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology


PhD in economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Technology, Policy and Management


Key publications:

  • R&D Cooperation, Partner Diversity and Innovation Performance: An Empirical Analysis, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 31(2), 292–312, 2014 (with Fardad Zand).
  • Energy subsidies, structure of electricity prices and technological change, Energy Economics, 40, 495- 502, 2013 (with Adriana Diaz Arias).
  • Frugal Innovations in Africa. Tracking Unilever's Washing Power Sachets, in: J.-B. Gewald, A. Leliveld and I. Pesa, (eds.) Transforming Innovations in Africa, Brill Publishers, Leiden, 2012: 59 – 782 (with Peter Knorringa and André Leliveld).
  • Geography, knowledge spillovers and small firms exports, Small Business Economics, 2011, 37, 325-339. (with Gerben van der Panne)
  • Environmental Harm of Hidden Subsidies: Global Warming and Acidification, Ambio, 2009, 38(6), 338-341 (with Jeroen van den Bergh).

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