Alexander graduated as an aerospace engineer as well as an organizational psychologist. He holds a PhD on the analysis of sustainable aircraft technology.

He works from his own company as consultant, coach, trainer and business analyst. From there, he teaches at universities, business schools and in company programs worldwide, both on-site and on-line. Among others, Alexander designs, teaches and supervises programs on systematic analytical skills to get a firm grip on complex situations to thousands of students each year on all levels.

He has written a few books, of which one is the book connected to this MOOC, namely, Solving Complex Problems. He also published other work, like on managing your own projects, such as your thesis project, in the book he co‑authored with Elianne de Regt Graduation Challenge Accepted. He is currently working on two books. One on the decision making process supported by analytical techniques. And another on applying systematic tools in your personal (business) situation such that you can take a leading role in solving a complex situation with a group of people.

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Consultant, analist, trainer, coach at Living Motion


PhD in Policy Analysis, Delft University of Technology
MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology
MA in Social and Organizational Psychology, Leiden University


Technology, Policy and Management


Recent publications:

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  • Di Ruggero, O, Enserink, B & Haan, ARC de (2011). Panacea or Threat? The Hydrogen Acceptance Boomerang. In Proceedings of the IPA World Conference 2011 (pp. 1-13). Cardiff, Wales: IPA.
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  • Haan, ARC de & Riet, OAWT van de (2010). Special Editorial Issue EJTIR. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (online), 10(3), 200-205.
  • Haan, ARC de (2010). Sufficient scope in current aircraft technology developments? - A systems analysis application to the multi actor aviation technology system. European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research (online), 10(3), 230-248.

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