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Do you know how to make an innovation a viable business model? Add a new dimension to your innovation process and discover the new business opportunities that arise from our Responsible Innovation (RI) approach. In this course you will learn how to make an RI strategy a reality in your organization.

The responsible development of new products and services is increasingly relevant for companies today. Following a RI approach can add considerable value to your company. In particular, it will guarantee the societal and ethical acceptance of new products and services, and will reduce the risks associated with launching new technologies. This has a demonstrable beneficial impact on the competitiveness of companies: more successful innovations with fewer risks.

New and important dimension
The concept of RI introduces a new and important dimension to the innovation process: it requires not only that the new product or service is market ready and economically viable but that it is ethically acceptable, environmentally sustainable and socially desirable.

For example, new physical and digital infrastructures should be proven safe for their users and stakeholders, and not just to meet safety requirements. Products should be designed to be sustainable and not just to comply with emission norms under test conditions. Telecom systems should meet the values of national security and user privacy. Artificial intelligence, robotics, big data and smart systems should be developed to serve our moral, social and legal value commitments to sustainability, circular economy, bottom of the pyramid and well-being.

Learn how to lead
Are you influencing others to innovate responsibly in your organization? Having good ideas is not enough. This course will help you realize your ideas in the organization and how to create followers that buy in and contribute to your innovative solutions. This course will first give you a thorough understanding of the concept of RI and the underlying instruments, like stakeholder engagement and transparency. We will then show you how to successfully integrate RI in your innovation strategy and CSR polices and convince your shareholders and CEOs of the benefits of RI. Last but not least, you will learn how to lead an innovation process based on the principles of RI.

This is the right course for:
Business executives, developers, managers and entrepreneurs who are eager to think 'out-of-the-box' about social responsibility and technological innovation within their organization.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply the concept of Responsible Innovation (RI) including all its practicalities.
  • Increase your competitive advantage through responsible innovation.
  • Evaluate approaches to drive RI in new and successful business models.
  • Use frugal innovation to avoid the pitfalls of over-engineering.
  • Assess the implications of RI for your innovation strategy.
  • Lead the process of RI within your organization.

By innovating responsibly, your organization will both contribute to a better world and also benefit commercially. After, this course you will be able to include RI in your business models and policies. This will have a clear spin-off value for your reputation, competitive advantage and long term value.

In this course you will get personal advice from TU Delft experts on how to innovate responsibly to ensure the viability of your business.

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Comprehensive Engineering
This course is part of TU Delft's comprehensive engineering approach, which combines insights from the engineering sciences with insights from the humanities and the social sciences in order to solve the grand challenges of today's complex and rapidly changing world.

This course will equip engineers with crucial 21st century skills and knowledge needed to deal with today's pressing societal concerns and ethical dilemmas on a practical level: from issues about safety or sustainability to artificial intelligence and privacy. Join us and become a leader and change-maker in your field. Develop strong operational capabilities for creative thinking, leadership and decision making that are required to innovate, lead and solve complex projects successfully.

Watch these videos to learn more about TU Delft's comprehensive engineering approach and its value dimension.

Course Syllabus

This course consists of 4 weeks of lectures followed by a final assignment,

  • Week 1: General dynamics of technological innovation and responsible innovation strategies.
  • Week 2: Critical role of leadership and the organization in the implementation of responsible innovation strategies.
  • Week 3: Responsible innovation and the risks of over-engineering.
  • Week 4: How to formulate and implement a responsible technological innovation strategy for entrepreneurial enterprises (large and small), including best practices.
  • Final assignment (strategies and leadership for RI).
    Final presentations, in which participants will present their findings, can take place during a face-to-face session at Delft University of Technology. If you cannot attend this session we will offer a local or online alternative.

Learn from world-class experts and receive personalized feedback throughout the course, either online (via Skype) or during 'face-to-face' meetings if you live in the Netherlands.

The final assignment, for which we will give individual feedback, will allow you to tailor your own RI approach to the needs of your own organization.You will be able to access the course materials and discussion forums at any time. After finishing the course you will still have access to course materials and discussion forums. Final presentations, in which participants will present their findings, can take place during a face-to-face session at Delft University of Technology. If you cannot attend this session we will offer a local or online alternative.

Assignments & Assessment

At the end of the course you will be invited to submit a presentation which will be discussed during a meeting, either online or face to face (if you live in the Netherlands).

Literature and Study Material

Literature for this course will be provided on the course online platform.


We will offer Continuing Education Units (CEU) for this course. Participants who successfully complete the course requirements will earn a Certificate of Completion and will be eligible to receive 3.0 CEUs.

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Chartered Engineer qualification

This course can be part of your portfolio to meet the formal education requirements required to both obtain and maintain the Chartered Engineer qualification licensed by KIVI. This course can be taken either as part of Initial Professional Development (IPD) or of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) stages. See all our online courses for engineers that correspond to the required competencies determined by KIVI.
This course corresponds to competency B3 (Implement design solutions taking into account critical constraints) determined by KIVI.


This course is primarily geared towards working professionals.

This course is aimed at entrepreneurs, business executives, developers and managers who are eager to think 'out-of-the-box' about social responsibility and technological innovation within their organization.

In order to complete your enrollment you will be asked to upload the following document:

  • a copy of your passport or ID card (no driver's license)


If you have any questions about this course or the TU Delft online learning environment, please visit our Help & Support page.

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