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EX101x is for all of those struggling with data analysis. That crazy data collection from your boss? Megabytes of sensor data to analyze? Looking for a smart way visualize your data in order to make sense out of it? We've got you covered!

Using video lectures and hands-on exercises, we will teach you cutting-edge techniques and best practices that will boost your data analysis and visualization skills.

We will take a deep dive into data analysis with spreadsheets: PivotTables, VLOOKUPS, Named ranges, what-if analyses, making great graphs - all those will be covered in the first weeks of the course. After that, we will investigate the quality of the spreadsheet model, and especially how to make sure your spreadsheet remains error-free and robust.

Finally, once we have mastered spreadsheets, we will demonstrate other ways to store and analyze data. We will also look into how Python, a programming language, can help us with analyzing and manipulating data in spreadsheets.

EX101x is created using Excel 2013 and Windows. Most assignments can be made using another spreadsheet program and operating system as well, but we cannot offer full support for all configurations.

The goal of this course is to help you to overcome data analysis challenges in your work, research or studies. Therefore we encourage you to participate actively and to raise real data analysis problems that you face in our discussion forums.

This course is part of the Professional Certificate Program Data Analysis & Visualization with Excel.

Start the course anytime, and complete it at your own pace!

This course is also available in Spanish.

Please visit Análisis de datos: Llévalo al MAX() on the edX-platform.

Wharton-QS gold education award

The online course Data Analysis: Take it to the MAX, devised by Felienne Hermans, has been given the Wharton-QS gold education award in the category Regional Award Europe: the prize for the best education innovation project entry in Europe.

Quotes on this course

"I love the step by step way in which the tutor is using in teaching the course."

"I've never been introduced to EXCEL in such an interesting manner! Loved the first session to the MAX()"

"Over all, excellent course, very good material, dilligent preparation from the staff, excellent response times."

"One of the few courses where one can learn 'hard skills' with real data and problems."


What you'll learn
  • Overcome data analysis challenges in your work and research
  • Increase your productivity and make better business decisions
  • Enhance your data analysis skills using spreadsheets
  • Learn about advanced spreadsheet possibilities like array formulas and pivottables
  • Learn about Excel 2013 features like PowerPivot & PowerMap
  • Learn to organize and test your spreadsheets


This is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that runs on edX. Some experience in working with spreadsheets (with software such as Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Google Spreadsheets and etc.) is recommended.

  • Starts: Anytime (Self-Paced)
  • Free
  • Length: Self-Paced
  • Effort: 4 - 6 hours per week / 8 weeks

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