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In this course you will be introduced to the process of Air Safety Investigations using theory and practical examples that will challenge your thinking and addresses commonly held misconceptions about the investigations of aviation accidents and incidents.

We will explore the challenges faced by investigators when trying to piece together the probable sequence of events. We will familiarize you with the investigative ways of thinking and forming of conclusions. In fact, you'll learn to think and act as an air safety investigator.

Observation, fact-finding and analytical skills

Thought-provoking assignments test your observation skills, fact-finding skills and analytical skills. The assignments give you a taste of what investigators face during an investigation. Skills such as Inductive and Deductive reasoning are highlighted to explain the challenging process of air safety investigation. This professional course contains assignments, group challenges, a digital accident scene investigation and individual feedback.

Air safety investigations are complex and affect people from all over the world, with different backgrounds. This course is aimed at different target groups so you can experience different perspectives. We will focus on the legal framework behind air safety investigations world-wide, and the generic procedures followed when an aviation occurrence happens.

Would this be a course for me?

This is the right course for:

  • professionals working in aviation (such as pilots, engineering and safety staff, ground staff etc.) seeking for a more fundamental understanding of the process behind air safety investigations.
  • safety professionals interested in safety within aviation.
  • professionals who deal with the outcomes of aviation incidents and accidents such as journalists, lawyers, psychologists.
  • anyone else interested in the field of air safety investigations.

What you'll learn:

  • Understand the investigation process.
  • Understand the different aspects of a safety report.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to facilitate the investigation process.
  • Experience the accident investigation process.

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Quotes on this course

"I attended the Online Air Safety Investigation course in 2016. I learned a lot about conducting air safety investigations and I recommend this training to professional incident investigators who want to broaden their view. Many aspects of the approach in air safety investigations can be used in all kind of fact finding investigations." - Gerard Overmars (Trainer Investigative Interviewing)

"I did this course in 2016 and can recommend it. Interesting topics and good teachers." - Benjamin Hari (Airline Pilot)

"It was a very interesting course." - Mark Mangiarotti-Ravensbergen (Aviation professional)

Best Lecturer TU Delft 2018

During the TU Delft Education Day, Calvin Rans was elected Best Lecturer TU Delft 2018 by a jury of students.
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Best Teacher In The Netherlands

Calvin Rans, Best Lecturer of TU Delft 2018, has been voted the best teacher in the Netherlands. The jury praised Rans for his ability to inspire his students and for his continual efforts to improve his lectures.
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Certificates and CEUs

If you successfully complete this course you will earn a professional education certificate and you are eligible to receive 4.2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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This course is primarily geared towards working professionals. High school physics and mathematics are required. Familiarity with aviation terminology is advantageous but not required.


If you have any questions about this course or the TU Delft online learning environment, please visit our Help & Support page.

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